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Cemil Cahit Yavuz

He graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphics in 1985. He lives in Istanbul. In addition to graphic design and illustration works, she produces various freelance graphic works. He teaches graphics at the university. He started drawing in Gırgır magazine. He appeared in various publications with his "Stain Games" column.  He continues these drawings in OT Magazine. He opens solo exhibitions. He has exhibition books, a joint book and a book called "Stain Games".


2019 "Black and White" TÜYAP/Artist 2019 (İst)
2018 "Transparent" TÜYAP/Artist 2018 (İstanbul)

2017 "Stain Games" Aydın Gallery (İstanbul) 

2015 "Corner" TÜYAP/Artist 2015 (İstanbul)

2014 “CCY” TÜYAP/Artist 2014 (İstanbul) 

2014 “Free Zone” EVİN Art Gallery (İstanbul)

2012 "Silent Figures" Bilkent (Ankara)

2012 "Stain Games" Kara Gallery (Çankaya)

2011 "Stain Games" Mephisto (İstanbul)

2010 "Modes of Living", Adasanat (İstanbul)

2008 "Stain Games", Adasanat (İstanbul)

Group Exhibitions

2024 "1000 Weeks" Adasanat (Istanbul)

2023 ”Starting from the Middle” Artist-Feshane (Istanbul)

2022 ”Master patterns” Katman (Istanbul)

2020 “Division of Water” Maksem-Taksim (Istanbul)

2018 "Bazı şeyler var hayal gücüme gidiyor" Adalar 2018 "Bazı şeyler var hayal gücüme gidiyor" (İstl)

2014 “Richter” Poster Exhibition (Tehran)

2013 “Exchange Exhibition” Adasanat (Istanbul)

2013 “Haydarpaşa, the memory of a city” H.paşa (Ist)

2013 “Milestone" Group Exhibition, (Istanbul)

2013 “Here We Are Ahparig!”Tobacco Warehouse (Ist)

2012 “Timeout" Group Exhibition, Adat-Karşı (Ist)

2011 “Where the Fire Falls” Tobacco Warehouse (Ist)

2011 “100/100 Peace” Adasanat (Istanbul)

2010 "Goodbye Barcode" Cermodern (Ankara)

2010 “34 ist 2010” Adasanat (istanbul)

1990 "Mixed Portrait Exhibition” Urart Art G.(Ank)

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